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Rest Easy
Rest easy my friend,
be at peace and find joy.
Rest easy my friend,
play your music with the winds.
Rest easy my friend,
brighten the sky with your smile.
Rest easy my friend,
but help create thinkers, like you
Rest easy my friend,
until we meet again
:icondizzyembrace:DizzyEmbrace 1 0
I'll paint my world
in colors vibrant and true,
to brighten the day
and bring out true beauty.
See through my eyes,
just take a glimpse,
of what could be and what is,
and together let's bring it to life
:icondizzyembrace:DizzyEmbrace 1 0
Ashes and Memories
A lit match burns,
setting fire to all it touches.
Pages of memories piled up,
their words seared into my soul.
The dancing flame revives them,
replaying moments lost and gone.
I turn my face away,
but the heat still lingers
The paper smolders, as I will the thoughts away,
'Til all that's left is ashes
:icondizzyembrace:DizzyEmbrace 1 0
A single word,
a unfinished thought,
a glimpse into the soul.
pay heed,
before silence overwhelms.
Take it in,
don't let it be overshadowed.
Though the line may be short,
it may speak great things.
Though quiet the speaker may be,
grand ideas may their lips utter.
Though there may be no ease,
they may struggle to find words.
the world,
let others be heard.
:icondizzyembrace:DizzyEmbrace 2 0
sunset - quick write
Colors so vivid, too breath-taking to be true
a mixture of reds yellows oranges pinks and blues.
It catches the eyes, awe-inspiring and ravishing,
a sight to behold, though the day is ending.
The darkness may come, as the light fades away,
but the magic of this moment shall have it's way.
:icondizzyembrace:DizzyEmbrace 0 0
keep the quo
Biting my tongue,
lowering my gaze.
Holding back,
censoring myself.
Afraid to speak,
scared to open up.
Try to fit in,
don't draw attention.
Fall in line,
don't challenge the status quo.
Try to avoid hate,
try to be loved.
:icondizzyembrace:DizzyEmbrace 0 0
until then, my friend
May the seas be calm,
may the winds not stir.
May your days be easy
and the night be quiet.
Let the pipers rest,
the buglers take ease,
and the war drums silence.
May your journey be easy,
may it be quick.
Return to us safely,
come home to us soon.
:icondizzyembrace:DizzyEmbrace 2 0
Rapier by DizzyEmbrace Rapier :icondizzyembrace:DizzyEmbrace 2 0
Snowfall - Quick write
The first snow falls,
light and fluffy,
The start of the new season,
with shorter days and longer nights.
It glistens and shimmers,
a thing of beauty in a dismal time.
So cuddle up close,
keep warm besides the fire,
and watch the winter unfold.
:icondizzyembrace:DizzyEmbrace 0 0
Shattered Illusions
The illusion breaks,
my world shakes.
The shattered pieces fall to the floor,
not resembling anything anymore,
sharp shards lay in a pile,
the fragments of a broken smile.
Images flash of days in the past,
I'd hoped they'd forever last.
Here I stand, through it all,
wondering what to believe at all
:icondizzyembrace:DizzyEmbrace 1 0
Autumn - Quick write
The wind blows, stirring up the settled,
creating magic through the change.
The colors are bright and lively,
bringing beauty to the world.
The chance for renewal and rebirth
comes from clearing the negative.
The crisp air refreshes,
let Autumn shine on
:icondizzyembrace:DizzyEmbrace 1 0
Angel Gypsy
The King of the Gypsies now reigns from above,
protecting with laughter and guiding with love.
In time we'll share another drink,
accompanied by a smirk and a wink.
As we wait for that day with heavy heart,
may from your presence we never part.
May your drum play on and your voice ring true,
bringing comfort to those you knew.
May your jokes cheer those still here,
and bring laughter to chase away a tear.
As we say goodbye, at least for a while,
we'll remember you fondly with a smile
:icondizzyembrace:DizzyEmbrace 1 0
Flying with Crows sample 4
       My nerves increase as we get closer to the jail. I signal for the bus to stop and get off when it does, almost tripping as I do. Great,smooth, way to go clutz. I slowly make my way up the steps, they seem to extend forever. I get to the door and try to budge it open, it seems to weigh a ton. I'm just physically drained, not having enough energy to do much besides keep myself upright and outwardly calm.
The desk attendant is the same on as always, and when I get close enough for her to see the mark on my face her face goes pale and her eyes go wide. Shit. From her reaction you'd think I just walked in with a gunshot wound or something like that. She's probably used to one mark meaning something more serious, or more injuries than just the one, so I can't blame her. I mean, she does work at the police station.
I walk up to the desk, a smile forcefully spreading across my face. I'm shocked to see the smile returned as she grabs the file without even bothering wi
:icondizzyembrace:DizzyEmbrace 0 0
Be My Bard
Sing to me your melody,
let your vocal chords awaken.
Tell me your story,
open the book, closed long ago.
Dance for me,
let your body move
Don't be afraid,
don't let yourself be silenced.
Take joy in your triumphs,
share with me your woes,
I want to share in them with you
I sit, awaiting your cue,
waiting for you to begin.
Be my bard.
:icondizzyembrace:DizzyEmbrace 0 0
Seeing Stars
Admiring the stars,
passing the time,
laying on a grassy blanket,
though no rest comes.
The sky as black as night,
the stars glow bright,
entrancing, enchanting.
They make my problems slowly fade
as I try to clear my mind
:icondizzyembrace:DizzyEmbrace 1 0
Flying with Crows sample 3
The closer we get to the jail and police station the more my heart lightens. Each stop, where one or two people get on or off, seems to take forever.
I see the station get closer and closer. I see the barred windows, the signature brick and the cop cars sitting in the parking lot. I pull the call string to let the driver know to stop. As uncomfortable as it is to be around a bunch of cops, it’s worth it to see Aedian.
I pull my sweatshirt tighter around me. I walk up the steps and pull the heavy doors open. The big open reception area is vacant except for the officer at the desk. The empty chairs and lack of life makes walking in even more eerie and awkward.
I walk up to the desk, which is set into the next room and protected by glass/Plexiglas. I grab out my ID. The female officer looks up at me and says “yes?”
“I’m here to see Aedian Bryant” I say as I slide my ID under the small hole in the bottom of the glass in front of the officer.
I’ve b
:icondizzyembrace:DizzyEmbrace 0 0


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So, ive been really busy lately. Graduated, found a job, helping at my dojo a lot.....

Finished the first rough version of my novel, now for lots of edits before its ready for anything to happen with it.

Going to try to do some poetry writing sometime soon :)


United States


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